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Really helped me stretch. I am very curious to see if some of these shoulder stretches will relieve the pain I have under my left scapula in my back when I walk for a short period. Thanks!

I enjoyed the class very much and it exceeded my expectations. I am not very experienced with formal exercise classes (usually most are intimidating) and I found this easy to follow along. The exercises that I could not do, I found I was able to modify in a way to still participate. The instructor often offered suggested alternative modifications as well. The pace was just right, and the explanations of the muscle groups or Joints that were being used was an excellent Bonus. The instructor gives clear instructions and Ss non-judgmental and compassionate. I feel I got a complete system workout. Because I work from nome -and in a chair at a computer all day, I am too sedentary, I need this greatly and will be back for more. Thank you so much!

Don't worry only good feedback! Scarlett clearly knows her specialist topic and explains it well. So good I don't want to miss a session sit all day and remember what Scarlett shows us - allows me to run without aches and pains

Nice workout for a guy with two total knee replacement, a left shoulder rotator cuff repair and a right shoulder replacement. Need lots of stretching to keep the whole body working effectively. Still in PT for right shoulder so the upper body workout was great. I was surprised at how quickly the feet exercise caused the muscle burn. Thank you so much for the time and awesome routine.

This was excellent, I joined due to neck pain and ILD, so this also helps my breathing. Thankyou

Good class. I've got arthritis in in my knees and very tight hip joints which I'm trying to work on freeing up..

Great class! Learned things I can do from my desk during long days.

Great stretches! I don’t have any injury constraints, however I sit all day, and this was wonderful to focus on keeping my back straight while stretching out my back, hips and legs.

Great class and wonderful stretches to use whenever sitting. Scarlett has a great sense of humor and straight back reminders are a must. First time I ever saw sitting exercises and great for working out the all important spine. Loved this class!

Excellent exercises, great explanation why / what is working during each movement. My neck felt great after the class, thank you! Absolutely love Scarlett's sense of humor. See you next week!

Please continue Pain in the Neck class! I feel so much better, thank you!

As always, great exercises. Very refreshing after a day in front of a laptop.

I've been managing hip pain for over 2 years and so glad I found this class! Scarlett focused on form and the "little things" like holding in your core and breathing that make a big difference with the movements -- and I'd gotten sloppy on. My hips, glutes, hamstrings and knees are feeling better!

Great class. Easy to follow movements that are truly affective in combating stiff neck and shoulder pain. Scarlet also cracks me up with her sense of humor

Excellent class to improve hip mobility, especially after sitting for hours at a desk. Good demonstration of each exercise and adaptation to different levels of difficulty.

It is *extremely* difficult to find any doctor, physical therapist or fitness coach who understands hypermobility, forget knowing anything about how to help someone who is hypermobile. This is a great addition to the COA line-up. The instruction was clear and easy to follow. I wasn't quite ready for all the moves yet, but if this workshop is offered again, I will do my best to join in!

Head is floating now. Thanks Scarlett.

A much needed class. Scarlett's controlled and informed knowledgeable instructions are great especially when at home. So helpful with questions and keeping an eye on us all. Really appreciate the prompts during exercises to ensure don't get off track. Was glad for this class at this time, grateful Scarlett for you doing this late. I will fondly think if my aches as a good thing... I promise

I wasn't sure what to expect as this was my first class with Scarlett I really loved it. Scarlett has such a nice demeanor and explained body positioning to maximize the stretches and to ensure we're doing them properly. Scarlett's tips for how to hold my head for a proper work from home posture were great I've been experiencing neck and shoulder pain over the past couple of weeks and I feel better after taking just this one class! I'll be back ....really excellent job.

Very good class to get moving and stretching!

Great stretches for the neck and upper back today. My second week attending and I am enjoying the course. Glad I found this new coursel

This was a really good class. Just perfect for my level and need.

She describes movements well with a comparison and was easy to see and hear on my tablet

Fantastic class with a lot of instruction to get into correct positioning. Will be joining you again

This is pain in the neck class. First timer. Fantastic class. I have neck injuries and working from home. These are great stretches. Will look out for more from Scarlet. Shame difficult to watch screen and do on the floor. Thankfully it's recorded so can review. Will redo and join other classes.

This is the BEST class for all my neck and shoulder pain. Scarlett introduced new stretches to add to my daily routine that sure will help me going forward. I can't wait to replay. Thank you so much!

Great stretches for neck pain! Would love similar classes in the future.

She's great... I need to do more of it

Loved this! Super helpful stretches and very clear instructions. Thank you so much.

Perfect stretching for terrible posture, thank you.

Great neck stretches!! Will be back for more!

First time in class, didn't know what to expect but it exceeded my expectations.

Very good instructions. Scarlett is very thorough. Scarlett is so funny and helpful. I really enjoy her classes. I appreciate her answering individual questions.

Thanks Scarlett, really helpful after a year of wfh and bad posture habits!

What an awesome instructor. Such practical guidance and delivered in a pleasant enjoyable way. The most important thing is I feel better after the class and incorporate the stretches into my daily being.

Scarlett’s classes on back / pelvic awareness are the best I have attended on COA. Really perfect to address my specific lower back pain - challenging and good fun. A future class on how to realign a misaligned pelvis and keep it there would be great!

Loved today’s core management class. Nice and varied movements. Be good to learn some techniques for balance. Thank you Scarlet.

Best training I have had on the plank ever. And I have been to a lot of classes in my time.

I loved this session. I have gone to so many pilates and yoga classes and never gone through as much detail as that. It helped a lot with understanding what I should be doing with my body. Thank youl!

As before, so well explained and 6th sense for what participants may be doing wrong - with corrections that are spot on. Time to concentrate on movements.

This was my first class with Scarlett. I look forward to more as I quickly discovered that my core needs work. Scarlett did a great job with form instruction, how to maintain or correct.

I really liked the detailed explanations of the subtle changes that made a big difference.

45 minutes passed very quickly. Loved the stretch and lived the challenge

Very helpful

Scarlett was a wonderful instructor!

Thank you for such a great stretch, I loved it!

I really love Scarlett's instruction and teaching about how all of our muscle groups are related. And I appreciate her English humor :)

Great stretches! Thank you. Have a nice week.

Interesting first class I enjoyed the Pilates and stretching exercises

I came in a little late but it was an awesome class. I was able to stretch out some back muscles that are harder to work. Good core exercises and a very good instructor.

Excellent instruction. Friendly and understanding!

This was a really good class. I especially enjoyed learning why each stretch or exercise works and targets a specific part of the body. Very informative

Great class! Nice flow and good instructions for all stretches.

I feel much more relaxed and less tight. I stretch every day, but this class taught me some new moves!

As someone who has lower back issues and doesn't exercise much, this was a great class and Scarlett is a great instructor. My back feels really good.

Great instructor! Learned new stretches to care for my back.

Scarlett was brilliant! Having had spinal surgery nearly two years ago I have been battling with pelvic rotation pain since. Tried everything but this class really worked for me. Loved it and so relevant if you have lower back pain. Well done Scarlett - loved it!

Absolutely brilliant class, so enjoyable. Well presented and demonstrated. Look forward to next weeks class. Thank you Scarlet.

Excellent pace! She keeps tabs on you through the entire class. Makes it easy to keep up.

Well explained including possible ertors / incorrect positions. Good speed with time to understand instructions and apply them. Challenging but goid fun. Thank you!

I was so impressed with this class. Scarlett knows so much and is also low key and compassionate. This is the best online class I have taken during this year of Zoom exercise. I don't have chronic pain, I just want to take care of my back while sitting at home. Really really great.

This session was great. She not only explained how to do things, but what each move was targeting. Great class

Really enjoyed this class, not just stretching but work to strengthen the areas that support the back

This session was great. She not only explained how to do things, but what each move was targeting. Great class

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