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who aRe we?

RED is Scarlett. Scarlett Roberts to be precise. Scarlett, ex ballet dancer turned Pilates teacher turned Movement Specialist.

Here’s what we do - pathology-led exercise for those of you who need support self managing chronic pain at work; at home and in life. We devise bespoke Clinical Pilates pain management techniques for pain relief and prevention.

Whether a client needs help with back pain management due to a change in lifestyle such as work from home, or is experiencing difficulties managing chronic and progressive conditions such as arthritis or Parkinson’s, Scarlett works with the individual, their environment and their particular needs.

Red rehabilitation

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pathologies we tReat

Short answer is, we’ll give anything a go.
The great thing about exercise is, it has yet to be shown to be bad for you. Here’s a nice list of some common pathologies we deal with:

Cancer ‘prehab’
Post-surgery rehab
Cardiac Rehab
Benign Joint Hypermobility Syndrome
MSK injuries

woRking (out) from home

If sweaty gyms are out of the question now, and you are WFH, contact Red Rehabilitation for private clinical exercise services at home via video call.
We also have a sample of videos online to help.

Create your own W(O)FH prescription.

the coRe is the cure

Prescriptive exercise. Using clinical pilates as a ‘prescription’ to target specific pathologies.
Clinical Pilates is the foundation of our exercise based treatment programmes. But we can throw in resistance training, ballet based stretching, cardiac rehab, clinical massage and even guided meditation if we feel it’s the best route for our client’s recovery.


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canceR prehab

One in two of us are now going to get Cancer.


The question isn’t “Will I survive Cancer?”
Rather, “Am I strong enough to survive the treatment?”
Because if you achieve the latter, your chances of the former are much, much better.
Group exercise in sweaty, unsanitary gyms is out of the question during your chemotherapy. In fact, exposure to the general germ infested public in general is best to be avoided, due to decreased immunity posing an infection risk. Red’s bespoke in clinic/at home visits reduces this risk. If you are the NHS or a Corporation, Red will create Cancer Prehab Exercise Clinics in house for your patients/employees.

Your chemo cycle will also be a rollercoaster of fatigue and general aches. For example, days 5-7 post treatment you may want to watch Netflix and wait for imminent death. Red knows that those key days are for stretching, guided meditation and general mobilisation techniques to keep you moving, but not exhausted.
Cancer is a mutation of cells. So of course it matters what you feed the buggers. Red has cancer specific nutritionists on hand to ensure you don’t unwittingly feed your cancer a tasty diet of sugar and alcohol (which the cancer quite enjoys).
Red can create a bespoke Cancer prehab service for our clients whether that be at home, at work, or within the clinic itself. Contact Us for further details.

Please select which type of client you are so we can give you the most relevant information.

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