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Red tech for health

The Scary Bit

The pandemic has us all concerned about the future, our future health and our mental health. When the world has gone mental, how do we stay sane? Or sober?

There’s little else to do, and you’ve completed television, so what to do now you’ve started The Anxiety?

When we exist in a state of anxiety, we create inflammation in our body.

Long term inflammation is the cause of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity and Alzheimers. Lovely.

Someone once said that physical exercise is good for us. Red agrees, because it fits nicely with our business plan to make you all fitter, happier and stronger.

Exercise increases our metabolic rate; which, fact fans, also increases the effectiveness of treatments such as chemotherapy for cancer patients. Didn’t think about that when you skipped Tracy’s Zoom Yoga last Tuesday, did you?

Exercise is the top recommended prevention measure for Alzheimers. But you won’t remember that unless you engage with Red’s services.

For the mile wide, inch deep readers, exercise slows down the ageing process. A scarier word for the *extreme cases of vanity* - degeneration.

The Stats

We’ve increased our use of mobile technology for mental and physical health by 30% since 2016. This is only accelerated by the pandemic.

2/3 of adults are expressing concerns about the impact of the pandemic on their lives.

Employers can support staff, both physically and mentally using technology on a global scale.

Technology led care offers us an any time, anywhere approach to wellbeing.

Employers can leverage technology such as Red to offer tailored exercise support to staff.

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